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Jiang song technology company is located in the beautiful Taihu laKe Wuxihuofang Airport New Technology lndustrial Park C20¡ª2 block,covers an area of6000 square meters is a profes-sional manufacturer of domestic automation equipment£¬photovoltaic solar cell£¬Companies close to Shanghal Nanjing Express way and Taihu high¡ªspeed 312 National Road and WuxI South of Jiangsu Intemational Airport to be close by has a unique advantage.

River pine science and technology research and development has always been committed to solar photovoltaic equipment automation£¬is a collection of scientific research£¬production£¬sales,installation service as one of fhe hi-tech enterprises The company is based on the abundant technical force sophisticated production and testing equipment as fhe basis to ntegrate the most advanced technology professional R£¦D and excellenf performance£®reasonable structure£®reliable quality£¬beautiful appearance£¬the use of silicon solar cell automation equipment .

The company has multiple precision CNC machining center£¬strong processing capabilities£¬to provide a strong quality assurance for the company's products.

Jiang song technology has a unity£¬enterprising£¬dedicated management and research team£¬including 2 senior engineers+8 engineers£¬a college education accountedforthetotal number of employees 75£¥Close cooperation and well¡ª-known domestic companies and 211 universities£¬toward the high¡ªend£¬Gao Jicheng£¬high technology shows the river loose management have farsightedness.

Jiang song technology already through the iSo9000 quality system certification JXS-8 wafer cleaning of independent research and velopment of d rying machine and ACE 2S automatic coading wafer machine high-tech products Io obtain certification In Jiangsu province.
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